Industrieverband Heimtierbedarf (IVH) e.V.

About us

Our Creed

The Industrial Association of Pet Care Producers (IVH), through regular, professional venues is committed to promoting the responsible ownership and the proper handling and care of each and every type of pet.
What does the responsible ownership and proper handling of all types of pets mean to us?

People must fulfil the 4 basic needs of a pet

• Proper nutrition for size and breed
• Socialisation with other pets (those that need it)
• Accommodation or territory must be adequate for size and breed while providing necessary protection
• Enough exercise and situations to serve as a replacement for the natural activities every animal needs,
such as hunting, searching for food, escaping from enemies etc.

The Industrial Association of Pet Care Producers was founded in 1972 to safeguard and promote the interests of the German Pet Care Industry. The member companies in the association represent 90% of the pet care market. The market engagement of the IVH Members covers production and sales of:

  • Pet Food Products
  • Pet Supplies / Technology
  • Medicine, Health Care and Well-being

The product range of our member companies encompasses more than 10,000 items. Their market activities do not include breeding or trading of pets.

Role of pets in our society

The IVH and its members are committed to consistently supporting animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. Today, almost one out of three households has one or more pets. Living together with their companion animals has raised the quality of life for millions of people, however, this requires constantly ensuring the animal's well-being. Both are inseparably linked and together are the pre-requisite for the long-term success of our member companies.

Our fundamental objective: responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.